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Here at the Private Cancer Club, you will learn how to cure yourself of
cancer if you currently suffer from it, and if not, you will learn how to
virtually guarantee that you never get cancer as long as you live.

Sounds too good to be true?  It's not. My 19 years of research will
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Did you ever stop to wonder why after decades of research, millions of people
around the world are still dying from cancer every year?  Billions upon Billions of
dollars have been donated to the medical industry for research, and yet they still can't
seem to find the cure for cancer?  Is there something they are keeping from us?

The sad fact is the medical industry is a For Profit industry.  There number one goal
is not to cure people of diseases, there main goal, according to law is to maximize the
wealth of the shareholders of the corporations.  This means that the real goal of the
medical industry is in direct conflict with what their real goal should be, to cure
people of disease.   Cancer has developed into a huge industry with huge profits, and
they want to keep it that way.

Did you know that there are several natural methods that have been proven over &
over again to cure cancer effectively?  As a member of this private club, you will
learn about how cancer develops, as well as several methods which have been
successfully used to cure 1,000's of peoples cancers.  Below is a brief description of
just a few of the things you will learn as a member of the PRIVATE CANCER CLUB.

You will be interested to learn about the written proof that the medical establishment
has known exactly what causes cancer and how it develops for over 100 years.

You will learn about the documented written proof which shows the sad fact that the
North American governments have known for over 30 years that a certain natural
substance has been proven to kill cancer cells.  Instead of continuing research on this
remarkable substance, they have instead spent millions of dollars on propaganda
campaigns to convince people that this substance is harmful.  They even made it
illegal to possess and have jailed countless numbers of US citizens for simple
possession of this substance.  

As a member of this private club, you will learn about another wonderful natural
treatment of herbs that has cured many people of cancer.  This amazing nurse was
running a clinic back in the 1930's and curing people with this formula she inherited
from the native Indians.  She cured 1,000's of people with cancer over a 50 year
period from the 30's to the 80's. So why have you not heard of this?   When you join
the club you will find out why you have never heard of this amazing natural

And you will also learn about how a research scientist in the US cured 100% of the
terminal cancer patients that were sent to his lab back in 1943.  Yes there is written
proof that the medical establishment has known how to cure all cancers for nearly 70
years. These patients were cured without the use of any drugs whatsoever.  You will
learn how this amazing feat was accomplished.  And you will want to learn why the
medical industry has not used this method to cure todays cancer patients.

You will learn how to cure lung, prostate, breast, skin, colon, kidney, blade,
pancreatic, thyroid, liver, carcinoma, sarcoma, leukemia, lymphoma, melanoma,
renal, stomach, uterine, ovarian, and brain cancer tumors.  Yes every type of cancer
can be cured.  

Did you know that the medical industry convinced the US government to pass a law
making it illegal to publicly state that any natural substance could cure cancer?  Yes
this is absolutely true.  The law says that only drugs, chemo, and radiation can cure
diseases.  Anyone that publicly states that a certain specific natural substance can
cure a disease has broken the law and can be punished legally.  This has in fact
happened.  As a member you will learn how a US citizen was sentenced to 5 years in
a maximum security prison because he was selling a natural substance and stating
that it cures cancer.  He was claiming this because he had used this substance on his
own cancer and cured himself.  

This law is the reason I have created the Private Cancer Club.  I cannot legally
disclose the truth about natural cancer cures on a public forum, without running the
risk of legal hassles, arrests, jail, etc.  So I have created the PRIVATE CANCER
CLUB.  Once you become a member you will be able to log into my private site
where I am legally able to share the truth, not only about natural cures for cancer,
but also about all the tricks, and methods used by the establishment to stop anyone
who dares to threaten their cash flow and profit levels.  And you will learn how to
ensure you never get cancer as long as you live.

You will also learn about a doctor in Texas that came up with a drug that was proven
more successful than any other conventional treatments at curing many people with
brain cancer.  This doctor was taken to court 5 times over a decade on trumped up
charges in order to stop him from using this drug.  According to the information I
watched on this case, the main goal of this endeavour was to steal this invention
from the doctor who invented it, and give it to the large pharma companies so they
could profit from it.  Their activities had nothing to do with the welfare of the
patients.  This type of behaviour is not acceptable. I feel it is important for people to
understand how the greed of these large corporations are affecting regular people in a
negative way.

By joining the PRIVATE CANCER CLUB, you will learn all about this and more.  
The most important thing you will learn is how to save your life and the life of your
loved ones.

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